Growing up, I was always pretty active and loved all kinds of sports. However, after my first year of post-secondary, I had hit a peak in my all-time weight and felt terrible about myself every day. So, like many, I decided to join a gym – but little did I know how much health and fitness would end up changing my life (no exaggeration!)
The positive impact goes beyond just physical – it’s also mental, and it’s hard to describe without personally experiencing it. Health and fitness have taught me so much about resilience and discipline, moderation and balance, adherence and habit-formation, and how to lead a happy, sustainable lifestyle without feeling deprived! Of course, my background in Psychology also helps, and truly no two individuals are the same when it comes to creating the “perfect plan.”
So, through tailored programming, my goal is to share my knowledge and help my clients feel their best, both inside and out! You don’t need to have the best genetics (I certainly don’t), all you need is the vision to see your best self!

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