Hi, my name is Gabrielle, but you can call me Gabby if you prefer. I am a continuous learner in the field of science, medicine, health, psychology, and fitness! I have committed the past 5 years of my life to improving my health and wellness through weight training, implementing proper nutrition, and building a healthy mindset. I am currently a Bachelor of Science Student, specializing in behavioural neuroscience, which combines the methods and structure of the science faculty with the subjective, human aspects of behavioural psychology. I am thankful to be educated and working in a position to help others begin and commit to lifelong fitness and wellness journeys. 

I grew up active in various sports (including volleyball, rock climbing and dance) but strongly disliked gym class and anything associated with testing or competition (E.G.: beep tests and push-ups).

Although my father introduced me to the gym when I was about 18 years old, I got serious about weight training after a hard breakup, which left me with low self-esteem and feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally weak. I was not eating enough for the level of activity I was engaged in, which took a significant toll on my whole being. There was so much I had to learn about what made up a “maintainable, healthy lifestyle”!

Early on, I met some encouraging athletes in the gym environment (who I now consider “family”) and their inclusivity and desire to teach me what they’ve learned, encouraged my passion for weight training, particularly strength training, which I pursued for about 4 years. 

In early 2019, I sustained a small shoulder injury while rock climbing and I began to focus on bodybuilding training instead of strength, with the intention of coaching myself through a prep for a natural bikini competition. 

Through this prep process, I gained many transferable life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and confidence, as I coached myself through the necessary training, dieting, posing and every little detail to allow me to step on stage as a bikini competitor. I am proud to say I shattered my goal of simply getting on stage, and instead placed second in both of my classes, qualifying me for the Natural National Pro Qualifier. I have far to go in this competitive bodybuilding world and I am thankful to wake up every day and get to train, eat, and work harder towards my goals.

I deeply care about the REASONS behind setting a goal and frequently reminding ourselves about our “WHY” while working towards that goal.

I believe that each of us can achieve GREATER THINGS that we allow ourselves to dream and do.

 I believe that your greatest way to achieve SUCCESS in pursuing your goals is with a strong, professional, dedicated TEAM, who always have your back and want to see you become your best self.

If you know that your current state of physical, mental and emotional being is not where you want to remain your whole life, let’s chat about it, plan it out, and implement a lifestyle that is maintainable and encourages you to wake up every day choosing to LOVE YOURSELF while continuously improving!