First off I want to say, I wasn’t always fit. I was never into sports or interested in anything involving exercise.


I grew up in a very traditional Filipino household, where there was an abundance of food. I grew up always eating and gained size as I progressed into the later years of my life. People around me noticed that I was gaining more and more weight every year, which they brought to my attention.


I always thought that it was just the way I am and I had no control over how my body looked. This made me feel small and insecure.


In my early teens, I got obsessed with running faster and playing basketball better. Fast-forward months after I put in the hard work to better my performance in those activities, I saw that I was in better shape physically.


This experience opened my eyes. It led me to believe that I can have control of my life. Getting into my best physical shape became my new obsession. This is how I got into my line of work.


However, it wasn’t so much that I got into better shape that hooked me, it was who I became in the process.


I loved the confidence I built, how I am able to talk to people with pride, the fact that I learned many skills in the process but most of all, I learned to love the person I saw in the mirror each morning from day one.



This is my “why”. I became a trainer to teach you, and other people like you, how to gain freedom in your health so you can have the grit to live your life unapologetically. 

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