I have been in love with sports and fitness my whole life. I played baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, and track & field growing up, eventually choosing my main sport in high school; basketball. My training journey originated with basketball in grade 8, where my coach first introduced me to the weight room. I quickly recognized the benefits of resistance training as I became an elite level basketball player known for my athletic ability. My overall strength, speed, agility, and vertical jump all improved with consistent training. I was able to play basketball at the collegiate level and after basketball found my way into powerlifting. At the same time that I began to train for powerlifting, I returned to school at the University of Fraser Valley to complete my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology; the study of human movement.

During my Kinesiology degree, I completed extensive course work that included advanced biomechanics, theoretical exercise physiology, advanced exercise testing & prescription, advanced clinical exercise therapy, advanced motor learning & control, human nutrition, athletic injuries, and exercise & sport psychology. With the combination of this extensive coursework, my experience as a college athlete and, more recently, my experience as a strength athlete with powerlifting, I have been given the unique ability to apply science-based training principles in a practical way that produces RESULTS!

If you are in pain, I can perform a full body postural and movement assessment to determine the root cause of your pain and give you the exercise tools you need to stay healthy and pain free. If you are looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or improve your health, I can prescribe exercise and nutrition plans that will help you accomplish those goals. If you are an athlete and want to reach the highest level of performance within your sport, I can design and plan programming that will allow you to maximize your strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, and coordination. 

Simply put, if you have a goal that you want to achieve, I am the guy who will stop at nothing to get you there!