I have always had a lot of energy growing up but my upbringing was very academic. Unlike most trainers, I have never participated in any team sports nor have I had amazing athletic ability; I was average and learned behaviours that influenced me to hate exercise. I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I would become a trainer and love everything about health and fitness. 


Maybe it was the 90s that had a strong impact on what my personal beauty standards were but I was heavily influenced by the media and I have made it my personal mission to obtain the perfect body, no matter the cost. My young adulthood was turbulent; long story short, I had spiralled into a depression and abused my body through anorexia. One summer day, a terrifying panic attack shook me back to reality, I thought I had literally starved myself to death and these were my final moments, and it was at that point I was fed up with being sad and thin. This was no way to live; there was absolutely no joy, no life. I wanted to wipe the slate clean and educate myself with strong foundational knowledge and build a life in which I can have my cake and eat it too. 


I have attended The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and Hilltop Academy where I have graduated with honours at both institutions and earned my designation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer. Through science and evidence based knowledge, I have experimented, implemented, and conquered the negativity I had with poor body image and my obsessive control with food. I have set myself free from my rigid and toxic mentality, and now it is my personal mission to guide people in the right direction to their best shape without compromising the quality of life. 


I believe that nurturing the fire within the human spirit is the key to health and longevity, and where the mind goes the body follows. I do not believe in a “should” approach when coaching my clients. With compassion and empathy, I closely monitor all my clients and create individually tailored nutrition guides and custom fitness protocols that produce results quickly and sustainably. From the moment they walk into Uplift Fitness to their very last session, absolutely no detail gets overlooked since the body is a synergistic system with a variety of complex systems. 


I specialize in corrective exercise, mobility and flexibility work, resistance training through compound and isolation movements, hypertrophy, free-weight and body-weight exercises, shoulder mobility, lower back pain, core strengthening and bracing techniques, kettlebell and TRX; all with a heavy emphasis on mind-to muscle-connection. 

Whether your goal is weight-loss, weight-maintenance, weight-gain, body recomposition, aesthetics, or to maintain health and longevity; the best version of you is waiting to be uplifted. Achieve greatness!